December 2018: Ten weeks passed so fast. More dates then last jear (4 to) and some more sheeps and goats. After our tour with friends around White Desert we worked at the camp. New elektricity in the hall and ceramic in the kitchen house. At the end we begin to drill a new spring to make a better water supply for our palm trees. höhle window wasserbohrung
March 2018: A nice month at our second home. It makes so much fun to work in our atelier and Margot has her first vernissage with sand pictures. Also we made a short trip to our friend Abu Sayyed at Kharga-Lebekha, (with little problems with tourist police), but at the end everything was ok.

December 2017: Nice, quiet three months. It makes much fun to work each morning in our atelier. The palm trees produced more than 3 tons of dates, a new little sheep and some works around (ceramics, wall covering, new fireplace etc.) And a tour over Alexandria, El Alamein, Marsa Matrouh to Siwa Oasis - what do you need more :-)
happy hour Bauarbeiten Bauarbeiten Dattelernte
March 2017: Four pretty weeks at Bahariya. At first we finished our atelier (the new room for guests), and suddenly it would be used first time. After this, we had a nice tour through Crystal-Area, Aquabat, White Desert and Westside, where we could make good new pictures. With a big grill feast at Ain Ghaba, where the best flute-player of Bahariya with his group played for us and a two day stop at Blue Lotus at Sakkara, where we could visit the pyramid and museum and the khalili-market at Cairo, we finished our time.
crew grillfest fruehstueck
December 2016: Good times in Bahariya. Some new things happened in our camp: At beginning we harvested a lot of dates (more then 2 to!). And we have got a new member. At last we nearly finished a new room, where in future visitors can stay some days.
datteln datteln nachwuchs anbau
March 2016: Spring time at our home at Ain Ghaba. A paradise of flowers and a wonderfull month after our wet and cold German winter.
blueten terrasse land land

Dezember 2015: After one month in march and nearly three month from october to december the camp is a second home for us. We harvested the first dates and worked a lot all around.

datteln land ernte
March 2014: Good work between last years. Two new houses were build and, like the water bassin, covered with sandstone plates. Now the first palm trees begin to bring dates

halle halle lagerfeuer
End 2011: Slowly it becoms cosy. We planted many flowers around and closed one side of the hall, so you can stay more comfortable around the fireplace when its windy.

sonnenuntergang sanitärhaus
End 2010: Now our sanitary house is finished with two toilets and a shower - comfort, you will enjoy specialy after a desert tour.

küche land

Beginning 2010: Slowly the kitchen building and the restaurant-hall grows. Now the land is green again (At autumn all looks dry).
pflanzung pflanzung
January 2009: Together we planted more then 50 palm trees. A water pump was installed and a large water bassin was build, because the trees must be watered each day.

grundstein zaun land land zaun

2008: At beginning all was empty - then we had an idea.